A f a m i l y h i s t o r y

In 1967, at just 22 years of age, Bruno Rossi leased seven acres of land from his father in Lombardy, Italy and started off with just an acre of vines.

Bruno made his first wine in 1967 with grapes harvested from this block.

Throughout the 1960s the winery was a one-man band, with Bruno’s wife, Agatha, supporting him in his venture.

Bruno made dry red and white wines, sourcing grapes from the greater Italy regions.

Our Story

H o w I t A l l B e g a n

P r e q u e l

Fino al secondo dopoguerra l’attività agricola rappresenta l’ambito di gran lunga più dinamico dell’economia locale e le aziende agricole sono caratterizzate dalla multisettorialità. Grazie anche alle tante e numerose famiglie che popolano le campagne si coltivano orti, frutteti, cereali, si allevano bovini, suini, ovini, avicoli, e poi, sui dolci declivi delle nostre colline, si ammirano vigneti a perdita d’occhio. La famiglia Perfumo ha origine a Rocca Grimalda e il primo nucleo famigliare che i documenti indicano essersi trasferito a Nizza Monferrato è quello di Biagio Perfumo e del figlio Domenico. Dai documenti sappiamo che Domenico, morto a Nizza il 10 Marzo del 1908, ebbe tre figli tra cui Giuseppe, che nel 1902 sposò Teresa Caruzzo con la quale ebbe Domenico, Alfredo e Irma. Giuseppe morì di polmonite all’età di soli 35 anni il 14 Marzo 1912.

P r e q u e l

Until the second post-war period, agricultural activity was by far the most dynamic part of ​​the local economy and farms were characterized by multisectorality. In this perios, thanks to the numerous families that populates the countryside: vegetable gardens, orchards, cereals are cultivated, cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry are raised on the gentle slopes of our hills, vineyards can be admired as far as the eye can see. The Perfumo family originates in Rocca Grimalda and documents indicate that the first family unit that  have moved to Nizza Monferrato is the one consisting of Biagio Perfumo and his son Domenico. From the documents we know that Domenico, who died in Nizza on March 10th, 1908, had three children including Giuseppe, who married Teresa Caruzzo in 1902, with whom he had Domenico, Alfredo and Irma. Giuseppe died of pneumonia on March 14th, 1912, at the age of 35.



Domenico, Giuseppe’s eldest son, born on February 4th, 1903, marries Pasqualina Giribaldi with whom he has 3 children, the eldest of whom is Aldo, born in 1926.



On the 24th of October Aldo marries Assunta Baldizzone who gives birth to Luigi on the 3rd of August 1951.



In accordance with the rest of the family, Aldo decides to abandon his father’s farmhouse. With his help he buys a small property in the southwest of the municipal area of ​​Nizza Monferrato and moves there, giving rise to our company. The initial core consists of a colonial house, a small stable, the cellar, a small porch, 2 hectares of fields in the valley and 2 hectares of vineyards of Barbera adjacent to the farmhouse.



Assunta regularly goes to Nizza to sell eggs, rabbits, wine and seasonal horticultural products, especially the Cardo Gobbo, while Aldo takes care of the countryside, the cellar and the stable, in a wonderful balance of arts and crafts.


Annibale Durio

Annibale Durio, Aldo’s future co-parent-in-law, buys a property a short distance away and settles there with his wife Palmina and daughter Pieranna; soon the friendship between the two neighbors rises to a relationship of both collaboration and assistance that will last a lifetime, also due to future family developments.


In summer

Aldo buys our first tractor but he breaks his leg during the harvest; It is the year of the infamous Belbo river flood which submerges a large part of the city of Nizza and it is also the year in which, thanks to the injury of his father, Luigi took over the company.


Luigi Perfumo and Pieranna Durio

Luigi Perfumo and Pieranna Durio get married on August 25th. They have 3 children: Marco, Roberto and Simone Pietro. In recent years, a process of strong specialization in the wine sector begins. The cellar undergoes a first expansion and new vineyards are planted on new plots purchased. For twenty years the dominant market remained the wholesale market, but we begin to manually bottle small batches of selected Barbera.


The acquisition

After having finally guaranteed complete control of the production chain with the preparation of the equipped bottling room, the acquisition of plots of land allows us to bring together the entire vineyard area and, just before the harvest, the works of a further significant expansion of the winemaking cellar are concluded.

In April

In April Luigi is struck by a serious health problem that permanently incapacitates him. The love for his family, for his job and his land will allow him to support us until his death on July 30th, 2013, at the age of only 61.


31 October

On October 31st  we inaugurate our “Bottega di Campagna Amica Cascina Perfumo”, an important promotion initiative not only for our productions, but for the territory and its high quality products.



A period of improvement begins with the graphic reworking of the company logo and the restyling of our labels, taking up an old Barbera label depicting the knave of cups. The Line of our playing cards is born.


Sales point

A sales point is created by restoring the reception room that the grandparents used as a stable.


S c a t t i d a l p r e s e n t e

As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us. That’s why we grow our produce organically and sustainably. Over the past decades the carbon footprint of the winery has been positive, which is something we’re really proud of.

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Where we are

Strada Vecchia Calamandrana, 30
14100 Nizza Monferrato Asti (AT)

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